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TOV-340 Text Inserter

TOV-340 is designed for single cash register or point-of-sale monitoring applications on any video surveillance systems that support composite video (NTSC/PAL/SECAM/Monochrome). The TOV-340HD, a high-definition model, can support HD video up to 1080p. The text inserter captures and superimposes cash receipt transaction data onto live video with the cashier activities recorded on the surveillance systems.

Implementing TOV-340 minimizes shrink and increases profits for F&B owners and retail managers. It is also capable of pinpointing flagged transactions such as VOID, REFUND, NO SALES etc and is compatible with most cash register and Point-Of-Sales Systems.

Optional interface conversion boards, modules and cables are available for wide range of ECR and POS.

Configuration Files (for TOV-340A and TOV-340HD)

TOV-340 Product Demos