All You Need to Know about EDM

What is EDM Marketing?

EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail and differs from email campaigns in its extensive communication strategies, including email list building and direct communication, to reinforce branding and customer loyalty.

Key Elements of an EDM Campaign

Direct email campaigns are hyper-targeted campaigns and are sent to specific groups only. It is part of the lead nurturing process and mostly involves email content that can trigger immediate activity. There are a few key elements that all EDM campaigns include (or must include).

360-degree lead profiling

Lead profiling is a crucial step in any campaign, enabling the identification of quality leads that convert into loyal customers, accurate segmentation of leads, and the design of relevant offers for marketing stages.

Proper Segmentation

Dynamic segmentation is a crucial tool for effective EDM campaigns, automatically dividing leads and customers based on various business factors such as demographics, email, website, social media, events, and firmographics.

Enticing Offers

EDM campaigns aim to elicit immediate engagement through targeted promotional emails with special offers or coupons, ensuring they align with the lead or customer’s marketing stage, recent behavior, and relevant details.

Relevant call-to-action

A CTA button is crucial for effective EDMs, as it triggers action and ensures the campaign’s success. Including a relevant button with brand-specific color and text is essential for effective communication.

How can EDM Marketing Campaigns be merged with Social Media Campaigns?

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns, a multi-channel marketing strategy, involve email, social media, and b to engage target users. Aritic PinPoint helps brands track social activity, create segments, and integrate with major platforms for targeted campaigns.

EDM Automation: A Practical Blueprint

Aritic PinPoint is a marketing automation tool that automates direct email campaigns, boosts conversions, and integrates with CRM and CMS. It offers lead profiling, analytics, and template builders, and tracks engagement metrics, auto-resending, and segmenting.

How will Aritic PinPoint boost your direct mail campaign?

Aritic PinPoint is a comprehensive marketing automation suite that offers features like lead nurturing, ad retargeting, competitor analysis, email campaigns, landing pages, video marketing, and social media campaigns.

360-degree lead profiling

Aritic PinPoint offers advanced lead profiling, combining online and offline data for comprehensive information, including social sign-up options and interests.


Aritic PinPoint offers automated drip campaigns for nurturing leads across all channels, identifying potential customers, and capturing relevant leads for ongoing marketing strategy effectiveness.

Dynamic Segmentation

Dynamic segmentation is a crucial tool for effective EDM campaigns, automatically dividing leads and customers based on various business factors like demographics, email, website, social, events, and firmographics.

Predictive lead scoring

Aritic PinPoint employs AI-driven lead scoring models to identify potential leads for email campaigns, predicting engagement in upcoming offers, including both positive and negative scores.

Benefits of Electronic Direct Mail Marketing

Build strong relationships

Email marketing helps marketers build long-lasting relationships with potential customers by providing a personalized touch to their campaigns. EDM marketing provides valuable insights into customer behavior, while email marketers optimize digital marketing for a better return on investment.


Utilize direct email marketing campaigns to effectively reach potential customers, optimizing marketing efforts for a simple, feasible, and efficient connection with audiences.

Measure the Outcome

Email marketers analyze campaigns for outcomes, profits, and strategy revisions while cleaning databases and segmenting lists based on buyer personas for improved campaign execution.

Understand Audience Behaviour

Edm marketing aids marketers in comprehending consumer behaviour, crafting effective email campaigns, monitoring open inbox rates, and analyzing strategy performance by tracking audience devices and locations.

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